Термос од не’рѓосувачки челик 946ml (32oz) со слама во црна боја

Stainless steel thermos in black colour, capacity 946ml from The Coldest Water.

It is suitable for hot and cold drinks. Keeps your drink hot for more than 12 hours and cold for more than 36 hours than common thermos.

Due to its large opening diameter, you can also place ice cubes inside.

It has double wall insulation with vacuum. It is also equipped with a rubber handle and a special handle to make it easy to carry and hold

Also, due to its special construction, it can float in the water (sea or pool) so that it does not get lost if you carry it with you.

Due to its “never sweat” technology, whether you place hot or cold drink, its outer wall does not liquefy at all.

It fits in 99% of cup holders but also car’s cup holders.

It is very durable and easy to clean.

It is made entirely of stainless steel.

Finally, it provides the possibility of installing a water filter. This particular filter helps to improve the taste & odor of water, removes chlorine, removes 99.99% pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts. In addition it reduces the concentration of heavy metals and pesticides. Thus, provide your children with healthy and clean water.


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