Филтер за вода за термос-шише со слама

Coldest water filter cartridge is specially designed so as to fit in all Coldest water thermos-bottles that are eqquiped with straw.

This filter uses technology that is developed from NASA. No specific maintenance of the filter is required except to rinse after each use and allow it to dry before each use.

Filter’s construction material meets the FDA requirements and has the appropriate certifications.

Removes chlorine, bad taste and odor of the water, also removes 99.99% pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and cysts.

It also offers effective partial removal of heavy metals.

It adapts very easily to all Coldest Water’s thermos-bottles. Initially, the straw is adjusted to the length of the thermos. The filter is then placed on one end of the straw and the other end is placed on the bottom of the lid.


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